Welcome to Ambra

What is Ambra?

Ambra is an Open Source platform for publishing Open Access research articles. It provides features for post-publication discussion and versioned articles that allows for a “living” document around which further scientific discoveries can be made. It is licensed under the MIT License.

What is the status of Ambra?

PLOS (Public Library of Science) no longer actively develops Ambra, but maintains it as its operating platform for the full catalog of PLOS journals:

With PLOS focus moving away from Ambra, the platform itself is not likely to be the ideal starting point for a new journal or publishing system. However, it remains viable, and its purposeful design toward solving open access scholarly communication problems may serve as a point of inspiration for future platforms.

Who uses Ambra?

Ambra is currently used for by the following journals and publishing platforms:

How do I give feedback?

Please contact us at dev@ambraproject.org with any questions, comments, or concerns. Please use GitHub Issues to report any problems, or submit a pull request.